Wow! That is all I can say. The Ten Commandment bracelet came today and it is awesome. Anyone who orders this will be well pleased with it. It fit me. It feels just great on my arm. The quality is beyond what I could have imagined from the picture. Wow! Awesome! That is how I describe it.  

Rev. Marilou Coins  Sherwood Arkansas

I received my 10 commandment bracelet today. I'm a particular kind of guy, and I must say that I'm completely satisfied. It is everything that I hoped it to be. In fact, I ordered a 2nd bracelet today for a very dear friend of mine. 

Larry, WND

Apart from their obvious beauty, you won't believe how it feels on your wrist! I started sleeping in mine because it was so comfortable that I kept forgetting it was on. Carl only designs the best in form and function and his newest creation is no exception! Love it!!! 

Leslie Leonard Glesmann  Windsor, Colorado  

I really like mine too Carl... I started wearing it again recently after i spent some time with you and your family and It really does get people's attention... makes it easy to break into a discussion about the One who gave these great commandments. 

Dee D. Orlando Florida 

 My son received one as a gift for his bar mitzvah from mr. Scarlata himself. It is a beautiful and detailed jewelry, and it also serves as a daily reminder of God's Word. Great gift for the holidays!

Zeneida P.  Orlando Florida

I have been wearing the ten commandments bracelet for 5 years and I am always complimented on its unique style.  It is very attractive, light and comfortable upscale bracelet dedicated to Truth in Eternal Laws set by God.
Billy L.  Buffalo, New York
I wear my beautiful ten commandments bracelet everyday.  Besides its unique beauty and design, it reminds me of God's love.  I get a lot of compliments about it and gives me the perfect opportunity to share my faith.
Claudia L.   Lake Mary, Florida


"I love it!"

"It's beautiful. I love it!" by Daisy Lang

World Champion Martial Artist & Actress Boxing Hall of Fame USA

 "A wonderful gift.  It's really beautiful!" by Blaise Biago Benevenga

(Wiseguyz Radio Co-host and well-renowned Italian performer & singing sensation.)


Rafael Cavero, Tenor

(Well renowned International Opera singer and performer.)

"I'm never taking it off.  Gorgeous bracelet!"  by Dana Mark 

(International Model, Singer and Actress, Police Academy Star)

(Martial Arts Hall of Fame & Master Chef Abundio Baet)

"My wife and I love them.  A personal reminder to us of our Lord."

"I love it!"  by Tina D. Davido of Tina Davido Promotions and

"Great bracelet." by Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing Entertainment

"I love it!"  by Annette DeCeglia 

(Talent Coordinator of Wizeguys Radio Show)

"I have mine! Durable and Cool." by Andrew Anderson

(PRO Wrestling Champion)

"We love them!" by The Wiseguyz Show

"A wonderful reminder of my Faith. A beautiful bracelet."  by Michael D' Amico 

(Worldclass Songwriter and Producer)