A Bracelet on the Ten Commandments is one of the many masterpieces of Carl Scarlata's Precious Metals with a Message. 

The Ten Commandments Bracelet is one of the extraordinary products from Jewelry Fit For Life, which were created by the internationally renowned master jeweler and designer of Orlando Florida, but a native from New York City, Carl Scarlata.
A few from the many of his signature pieces include the "Life Ring (cross puzzle ring)" and commissioned rings for Vietnam and Desert Storm veterans.
To Mr. Scarlata, his master creations are more than pieces of jewelry,  they are precious metals with a message of salvation and life.  He has designed and created all sorts of jewelry for manufacturers, jewelers, celebrities, companies, individuals etc. for more than 40 years.  His creations and efforts  represent more than just beautiful pieces of jewelry, they serve a purpose.  He considers these a ministry as much as a business.  
Mr. Scarlata, a long time supporter of many organizations, has donated millions of dollars of his self-made fortune over the years cultivated from jewelry manufacturing and retail outlets, exotic car development and sales and ownership of a high-powered independent television station.  
His lifetime committment is for creativity, excellence, satisfaction and righteousness. 
A humble servant... a man without equal... and a true inspiration to many! Eph 2:8-9
As he quoted...
"Honesty, integrity, quality and more... that's what Jewelry Fit For Life is for!"

* Carl Scarlata *